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January 28, 2024

As this year rapidly passes by, with about (5 months left in the state year and 3 months in the lodge year), there have been some ups and downs this year.  One of the ups is the merger of Gainesville Lodge and Toccoa Lodge.  I'm confident this will be a great move for all involved.  On the down side is membership.  As of this writing Georgia has a total of 358 delinquents down from 387 last month.  That puts Georgia at 8.1% delinquency and the National average at 7.6%.  Which is a good step in the right direction but I know WE can do so much better.  WE as Georgia Elks still have a lot of work to do, but it is still possible to get it done.  Exalted Rulers, Secretaries, Membership chairs, lets get all we can back into the fold.  If you need help, PLEASE reach out to myself or Steve Petrie and our membership committee.

I have seen on social media lots of Lodges participating in our youth programs.  This really means a lot to our community's youth as well as myself.  And from the articles I have read with the posts the Elks members are enjoying the youth programs as well.

In just a few more weeks the Georgia Elks will be herding (haha) to Valdosta for our Spring Meeting.  The Georgia Elks will be proudly hosting our Grand Exalted Ruler Randy P. Shood and First Lady Wanda at the Spring Meeting, along with the President Elects from Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.  Stop and say hey to each of them and show them the Georgia Elks southern hospitality.

Always remember, Membership Matters, Youth are the Future of the Elks, Be Loud Be Proud and Be Visible!  Why you ask? .........Because WE ARE ....The ELKS!  WE ARE....The ELKS!  WE ARE....The ELKS!  OF GEORGIA!!!

Junior Roberson

President, Georgia Elks Association

Junior Roberson

GEA President, 2023-24

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