The President's Page

April 7, 2022

     Spring is here and with it comes our new Elks fiscal year!  Congratulations to all newly installed Exalted Rulers (ERs) and Lodge Officers.  It will be a fun and challenging year ahead starting with our District Deputy/Leadership Academy at Warner Robbins in April, our State Convention at Jekyll Island in June and the Grand Lodge Convention in Atlanta July 3rd thru 6th.  More on the Grand Lodge Convention below.

     I want to thank all of the great Elks that contributed to a very successful 2021-22 year.  We've had significant improvement in membership and YOU DID THAT!  Using 2019-20 as comparison, Georgia's last growth year, we had 7 lodges with net gains that contributed to our overall state improvement.  We don't have the final numbers yet but we could have as many as 16 of our lodges with net positive membership growth.  The remaining 8 lodges all had losses of 10 or less, with 4 of them losing less than 5 members.  Again, a great job and we'll see where that will put us in seating at the Grand Lodge Convention in Atlanta.

     Our other top priority in 2021-22 was preparation for the Grand Lodge Convention in Atlanta.  While we made good progress with our Local Support Committee we still have much work to do in getting enough volunteers to perform Georgia's role in hosting a successful convention.  We need you to step up and sign up to volunteer to work at least one shift before or during the convention.  Our target is at least 250 volunteers to support our responsibilities.  Please see the information available on website to sign up.  It's going to be a great convention and you'll want to do your part.

     Finally, a big thanks to our own Lynda Lewis!  With Lynda's hard and creative work on the Georgia Elks Magazine and website, Georgia is one of the few states to be awarded a Grand Lodge five star rating for "keeping our members informed".  Please thank Lynda when you see her.

Let's make our 2022-23 year Great!


Thanks for all you do as Elks,


Robert (Bob) Colie

President, Georgia Elks Association

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