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September 8, 2023

Hello Georgia Elks!

Let me start by saying what an honor it is to be the Georgia Elks Association President.  By the time you are reading this we will be 3 months into the state year, with the DD clinics completed.  Thanks to all 3 DD's for a successful and informative clinic.  There are some changes going on in the state at this time to try and help make improvements.  I won't go into them right now but things are happening.

Our Association is off to a great start in membership with only a few lodges having a hard push on delinquents.  But as we are almost 1/2 through the Lodge year we still have time to get those delinquents in and finish the year strong.  Let's do just that, get them in and finish strong and sit up front in Texas in July.  Let's go for 3 in a row is the motto this year with Grand Lodge.  3 years in a row for membership growth.  I believe Georgia can do it.

My focus this year is on the youth, which means having as many lodges as possible to participate in our youth programs.  To get out in our communities  and get involved with our youth and programs.  Encourage our youth to get involved with the Elks.  Youth is the future of the Elks.  

We still have a lot of time left this year to work on these goals and I have confidence we can get these things accomplished.  As we prepare for our Fall meeting in Albany, October 20th  & 21st, plan to attend and get involved to make our Association stronger.  It takes the majority to make a difference in everything we do.  I am always available to listen to any recommendations you may have to improve our association.

Thanks for all you do as Elks.  Remember to always be loud, proud and visible, because We Are Elks!

Junior Roberson

President, Georgia Elks Association

Junior Roberson

GEA President, 2023-24

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