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September 18, 2022

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You for allowing me the privilege and honor of being installed as the State President of the Georgia Elks Association this past June at our Jekyll Island State convention.

Then July arrived and we had the honor of being the host state for our BPOE National Convention. The joy and pride I experienced in carrying our State Flag across the Dias is truly beyond simple words. I thank everyone for this honor you bestowed on me. Waiting for the start of the ceremony, I had the opportunity to view the packed auditorium and thought, how Blessed I was to have this honor.

Our National Convention was a huge success and could not have been accomplished without the Leadership and dedication of the convention team. Thank you, Chairman Tim Whalen and your support committee, of, Bruce Hayden, Steve Petrie, Bob Colie, Tobin Sexton. Without the team leads, Stan Jones, Bill Lewis, Beth Colie, Dan Tatum, Junior Roberson, Brian Russell, Bethany Jackson, Larry Pope, Linda Lewis and all the rest of the support team we could have never pulled it off. Thank you all, who sacrificed their time and adjusted personal schedules to make Georgia a glowing success to the rest of the country.

Our focus this year remains on increasing Membership and retaining our current members. We have already had a gain in membership this year of 229, however, we have delinquents of 669. We must focus on retaining those 669 members. We have the opportunity this year to increase our standing nationally and finish better than in 20th place. Our DD’s, VP’s and State Advisors are all working together to accomplish this task.

Please do not forget our State project Aidmore! Please consider signing up for our $8.00 for Aidmore monthly deduction. Our annual Golf Tournament was held on September 16th at Hard Labor Creek State Park. If you did not golf, I hope you sponsored a team or sponsored having a sign on a green. Our commitment to Aidmore is a year round one. Please continue keeping it one of the nations best programs as our state project.

Has your Lodge applied for all the ENF Grants that they are qualified for? ENF helps our lodges to continue helping our communities. Our programs for kids, as hoop shoot, soccer and education are funded through ENF. Has your Lodge met the Grand’s dollar quota?

Our programs for Veterans would not be possible without the funds from ENF. I encourage all lodge ENF chairpersons to challenge your members to donate just $10.00 per person per year. You can make a difference.

Our Fall meeting is in Albany Ga., on Oct 21 & 22. Please go to forms & documents on this website for registration and hotel information. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

God Bless our military serving around the world and their families. Thank you to our Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made.

God Bless all till we meet again.


Nita Knighton, GEA President


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Nita Knighton

GEA President

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