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Exalted Ruler 2010-2014

Trustee & Chairman 2014-Present

Aidmore Trustee 2019-Present

House Committee 2017-Present

By-Laws Committee

Soccer Committee

Hoop Shoot Committee

Veterans Committee

Community Activities Committee

NW VP 2019-2021

GEA Board of Directors

Leadership Academy 2019-2023

Business Practices (Chairman) 2022-2023

Disaster Relief (Chairman) 2022-2023

Grand Lodge Convention 2022

Aidmore Finance Committee

DDGER NW 2021-2023

Esquire to DDGER 2017-2018

A graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in Civil Structure Engineer

Served US Air Force Warrant Officer 1967-1969

One daughter Danielle (Lawson)

Two granddaughters Tatum & London

  Larry Pope
Georgia Elks Association President-Elect 2024-2025

Larry Pope, President Elect.jpg


Past Lecturing Knight

Past Loyal Knight

Past Leading Knight

Past Exalted Ruler

Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board

Activities Committee Chair

House Committee Chair

ENF Committee

Grants Committee Chair

State Association


Past Vice President South

Grants Committee Chair

Beast Buggy Committee

Officer Training Academy

PER Association


Past District Deputy

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