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Junior Roberson
Georgia Elks Association President 2023-2024

Junior Roberson.jpg

  Dan Tatum
Georgia Elks Association President-Elect 2023-2024

20 Year Member

12 Year Officer

Exalted Ruler




Officer of the Year




10 Year BOD/3 Year Chairman

4 Year House Committee Chairman

Aidmore Trustee 2019-Present

NWVP 2018-2019

GEA Officer of the Year 2018-2019

GEA Exalted Ruler of the Year 2019-2020

Soccer Shoot Chairman 2016-2023

Scholarship Chairman 2019-2023

All American Loyal Knight 2015

NW DDGER 2020-2021

Exalted Ruler 2010-2014

Trustee & Chairman 2014-Present

Aidmore Trustee 2019-Present

House Committee 2017-Present

By-Laws Committee

Soccer Committee

Hoop Shoot Committee

Veterans Committee

Community Activities Committee

NW VP 2019-2021

GEA Board of Directors

Leadership Academy 2019-2023

Business Practices (Chairman) 2022-2023

Disaster Relief (Chairman) 2022-2023

Grand Lodge Convention 2022

Aidmore Finance Committee

DDGER NW 2021-2023

Esquire to DDGER 2017-2018

A graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in Civil Structure Engineer

Served US Air Force Warrant Officer 1967-1969

One daughter Danielle (Lawson)

Two granddaughters Tatum & London

Dan Tatum.jpg
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