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Jenny Taylor, President Ladies Auxiliary 2023-2024

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M & M's (Mentoring and Motivating)

I am looking forward to the upcoming year working with you and to support Aidmore is at the top of the list.

I have chosen the M & M's as my inspiration for this years theme.  Our two main M's will be Mentoring and Motivating.  We can apply these actions to our work with the residents at Aidmore and also with one another to ultimately benefit our mission.

We will be selling chances on a gold and garnet bracelet to be given away at our October meeting.  So please sell, sell and sell.

I look forward to our combined efforts to strengthen our group's impact in our own communities and the reach that will have on Aidmore.

I appreciate and thank you for your support,


Officers For 2023-2024

President - Jenny Taylor

President Elect - Barbara Burnett

Northwest Vice President - Dodi Doss 

Northeast Vice President - Kathy Carpenter

South Vice President - JoAnne Bennett 

Corresponding Secretary - Nancy Strickland PSP

Recording Secretary - Deborah Johnson PSP

Treasurer - Mickie Emmett PSP

Parliamentarian - Heather Hickey PSP

Chaplain - Dannie Anderson

Advisor - Deborah Johnson PSP


Committees For 2023-2024


Pam Stewart, PSP, Chairman

Judy Arden, South

Stephanie West, NE

Pamela Parker, NW

Saundra Abel, PSP, Advisor



Peggy Rhodes, PSP, Chairman

Sheila Platt, South

Kathy Carpenter, NE

Shirl Cusick, NW

Petite Yost, PSP, Advisor


Barbara Burnett, Chairman

Margie Jones, South

Miriam Wheeler, NE

Dodi Doss, NW

Heather Hickey, PSP, Advisor


Drug Awareness

Charlene Westberry, PSP, Chairman

Almeta Cash, South

Amy Champion, NE

Sandy Miles, MW

Peggy Rhodes, PSP, Advisor


Horse Shoes

Nancy Strickland, PSP, Chairman

JoAnne Bennett, South

Mickie Emmett, PSP, NE

Dodi Doss, NW

Sarah Hendricks, PSP, Advisor


National Service

Miriam Wheeler, Chairman

Melissa Malone, South

Adrian Capes, NE

Shirl Cusick, NW

Harriet Watson, PSP, Advisor

Nominating Committee

Cheryl Wilson, PSP, Chairman

Harriet Watson, PSP, South

Stephanie West, NE

Peggy Rhodes, PSP, NW

June Smith, PSP, Advisor


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