Sarah Hendricks, President Ladies Auxiliary 2021-2022

Sarah Hendricks.jpg

Message from Sarah Hendricks

I have chosen the Great Blue Heron as my symbol. As they guard over our beautiful Georgia coast with a patient, persistent, adaptable, calm, and protective manner, so shall we be the "GUARDIANS OF AIDMORE". It is time to get people committed to being guardians of this program that provides protection and healing and helps children and families overcome the most difficult situations.


Officers For 2021-2022

President - Sarah Hendricks

President Elect - Deborah Johnson

Northwest Vice President - Cheryl McDaniel PSP

Northeast Vice President - Miriam Wheeler

South Vice President - Judy Arden

Corresponding Secretary - Nancy Strickland PSP

Recording Secretary - Mickie Emmett PSP

Treasurer - Pam Stewart PSP

Parliamentarian - Charlene Westberry PSP

Chaplain - Cherie Becker

Advisor - Sue Sneed PSP


Committees For 2021-2022


Pam Stewart PSP, Chairman

Lorraine Webb, NE

Sandy Fambro, NW

Dannie Anderson, S

Pat Harper PSP, Advisor



Pat Craven, Chairman

Martha Radford, NE

Shirl Cusick, NW

Shelia Platt, S

Pam Stewart PSP, Advisor



Deborah Johnson, Chairman

Sue Sneed PSP, NE

Cheryl McDaniel PSP, NW

Almeta Cash, S

Heather Hickey PSP, Advisor


Drug Awareness

Mary Louise Clements PSP, Chairman

Glenda Pierce, NE

Dodie Doss, NW

Dixie Spiker PSP, S

Cheryl McDaniel PSP, Advisor


Horse Shoes

Nancy Strickland PSP, Chairman

Mickie Emmett PSP, NE

Pam Stewart PSP, NW

Jenny Taylor, S

Sandra Regan PSP, Advisor


National Service

Miriam Wheeler, Chairman

Stephanie West, NE

Barbara Burnette, NW

Jackie Curran, S

Amy McCray PSP, Advisor



Dixie Spiker PSP, Chairman

Leonell Alligood, NE

Pat Harper PSP, NW

Cherie Becker, S

Mickie Emmett PSP, Advisor